Nicole Osbourne (Her Biography, Career and Lifestyle)

Have you been seeing “Nicole Osbourne” on the net and you keep asking who is she? In this article we will be discussing who she is and more things about her like her Lifestyle, her biography, her net worth, career and achievements.


Who Is Nicole Osbourne?

Nicole Osbourne who is a British Yoga instructor came into the spotlight after following the revelation of she being Anthony Joshua’s baby mama. She was at age 24 at the time of giving birth to her baby, even when her relationship with the popular pro boxer whom she met at Kings Langley School, Watford, “Anthony Joshua” was somehow unusual and shaky.

After giving birth, sad news broke, that she and her lover Anthony Joshua broke up and kept their baby hidden from the public for 6 months before she showed him to the world a couple of months later.

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Nicole Osbourne Biography And Lifestyle

Not much is known about her as she kept her family history a secret even to date, However, we know she is a Yoga instructor and also a pole dancer. She teaches fitness gym in Watford and starring in YouTube pole dancing videos.

We also know she was born in (1989) and she is a British citizen.

Shortly after giving birth to her baby, Nicole Osbourne was said to be living in an emergency shelter with her baby since her ageing semi-detached house had a large damp patch on the ceiling and was said to be dropping water when it rains which could be detrimental to her child’s health who is just 5months old at that time.

This made the residents to be in disbelieve seeing her there, Even when the baby was made secret to the public eyes there was no doubt it was that of the pro boxer Anthony Joshua as they could vividly see him dropping off items at the shelter she was in.

She always kept her bedroom locked because the emergency shelter she lived in was shared by other residents who would have to walk through to get to the Community utility area.

However her then-boyfriend was already making a fortune for himself, more reason it was disbelieving seeing her in such a precarious state. Some residents who spoke to The Sun UK allegedly stated that Nicole was always alone and tired. Some people speculated maybe she moved there due to the split between her and her boyfriend, One of her friends also told The Sun, that Nicole and Joshua took a break from her relationship, which happened three months after giving birth to her baby.

A week after the incident was reported by The Sun, it was later revealed that Nicole Osbourne had moved into a 500,000 Euros flat in Finchley, North London, which was said to have been bought by Anthony Joshua her baby’s father. However, when asked to comment on her new and old home, Nicole chose to keep it a secret, She stated: “I’m not talking about where I was living or anything.”

Nicole Osbourne’s Family and Husband

Nicole Osbourne has managed to keep her love life secret and off the public/media, Even the YouTube page allegedly owned by her with her picture on the profile contains no information to date.

But as far as we know she is single and isn’t married yet.

How many children does Nicole Osbourne have with Anthony Joshua?

Nicole Osbourne and Anthony Joshua are still not together, so they only have one son which they had when they were together and his name is Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua.

Nicole Osbourne’s Net Worth and Career

As of 202, Nicole Osbourne’s net worth is estimated to be between $2.5 Million. please note this is not accurate, it’s just an estimate owing to the fact she is a YouTuber and also a yoga instructor.

  • Real Name: Nicole Osbourne
  • Date Of Birth: 1989
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Yoga Instructor
  • Child: Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua (Son)
  • Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Is Nicole Osbourne Dead or Alive?

Nicole Osbourne is pretty much alive, how did we know she is alive? Despite the fact she is keeping a low and secret lifestyle, she is Anthony Joshua’s baby mama meaning the boxer gets to meet his son sometimes for proper bonding and more a source has once revealed some insights into Nicole’s life at the moment.

They said:

“Nicole’s in a strange place. As a mum in love with her baby’s father and living in a smart London home, she should be on cloud nine, but it’s hard at times being left to bring up a baby alone”

“He is away training far away for long periods and has to go offline for months ahead of big title fights. They also said that she has had other relationships but deep down knows Anthony is the love of her life.”

Who is Anthony Joshua’s Baby Mama?

Nicole Osbourne is Anthony Joshua’s baby mama.

And that’s pretty much all we know about Nicole Osbourne Anthony Joshua’s baby mama. In case you have more insights about Nicole Osbourne please Feel free to drop your comments below.

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